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Here at 1% Listing Fee, we have many years of real estate experience and have lived in the Spokane Area for over 15 years. We know the local coffee shops, parks, and community events. Our team of local real estate agents are prepared to help you with every step of the buying & selling process. Let us lend our wealth of local knowledge to you during the most important buying decisions you will make: investing in your family and your future in Spokane!

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David Lancaster

David was raised in Spokane and has served as a Real Estate Agent to the Spokane Area for years now. He has grown a reputation as a client advocate and accomplished negotiator. His business acumen is unrivaled: With his knowledge of local real estate, community engagement, and sales training you can rest easy knowing you have the right realtor for your property.

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"Home of the 1% Listing fee"




Alex Stovern

Alex sees opportunity and doesn't hesitate. He diligently puts in the extra hours to reach your goal of finding the perfect home. He is available to you when you need him: whether nights, weekends, or holidays. He is genuine, friendly, and the qualified negotiator you want on your side when you're buying or selling a property. 

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"I'm working late, let's chat"




Andrew Armstrong

Operations Coordinator

As coordinator, Andrew is responsible for running the business end as efficiently and effectively as possible. With his assistance we are able to maximize our time with our clients and focus on negotiating the best deal. Occasionally clients may deal directly with Andrew during the contract phase of the deal. Rest assured, you are in good hands. 

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